Career Care Institute believes an open line of communication between student, staff and faculty is essential to student success. As such, we've made available several services to help meet your educational goals.

Students may access the following student services at all campuses:

  1. Scheduling appointments with Student Services, Career Services, Financial Aid, School Director and the Dean of Academics to discuss any questions or concerns.

  2. Emailing staff and faculty for assistance

  3. Utilize tutoring and remediation

  4. Access to computer labs and library

  5. Utilize tutoring

  6. Access to computer labs

  7. Educational Support

  8. Campus Security

  9. Student Guidance & Advising

  10. Resource Center


Career Care Institute provides FREE Academic Remediation to all students to ensure satisfactory progress through the course. Further academic tutoring is available to students that need additional assistance. 

Assistance with non-academic problems is provided as needed on a case-by-case basis. Students are encouraged to speak with a Student Services Representative to take advantage of guidance, career development, and personal planning skills. For information or assistance contact the Student Services Department. 


A library and computer lab is maintained at each campus. Maintained in the school’s library are a variety of references along with appropriate journals and books related to programs of study. Students may use the computers in the computer lab available at all campuses. 

Student Housing

Career Care Institute does not provide dormitory facilities or any other form of housing.

Textbook Acquisition

Textbooks, learning supplies and equipment are provided as a part of the student's education.


On all campuses there is a student break room available for students to relax, socialize and eat during breaks and at lunchtime. For added convenience, there are beverage and snack machines and microwave

Child Care

The school does not provide childcare; however, referrals to local facilities are available in the Student Services Department.


The school does not provide transportation. Public transportation is located near each campus location. For information, contact the Student Services Department.