Did You Know That Vocational Nurses Are Transforming Healthcare Systems?

As we have learned here at Career Care Institute, nurses are being called upon to help with recreating the current U.S. healthcare system. Their goal is to improve the access and quality of services that are delivered, but most importantly to create a culture of health.

• Here are some examples of the projects that nursing students in the CUNY SPS RN-to-BS in Nursing program have completed.

• Working with dialysis centers and Apple to develop an interactive educational iBook for dialysis patients that includes information on community resources and shared decision-making

• Integrating medical services within mental health assertive community treatment programs

• Collaborating with patient-centered advanced care planning in dialysis

• Reducing and managing pediatric obesity by developing patient and community educational programs on choosing healthy foods and exercise programs

• Creating safe living environments to reduce falls for senior citizens in their homes through community educational programs and in-home assessments


There are many steps in which one may become a Vocational Nurse. Want to learn more on about Vocational Nursing

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