Career Care Institute Unveils 38' Mobile Health Unit to the Community

CCI has not only expanded to three campuses across Southern California, we have also added a new addition to the CCI family. In May of 2015 administration was proud to unveil a brand new 38’ Mobile Medical Unit!

The purpose of this Mobile Medical Unit is to meet the growing needs of our community, wherever that need may be. It will be used as a training element for CCI instructors and students. It will also allow CCI to offer support and participation at local events. We aim to foster and create partnerships with our local schools and non-profit organizations, and to help assist with growing healthcare needs. Offering free immunizations is the tip of the iceberg as to what the Mobile Medical Unit will allow us to do on the go. The healthcare industry and needs of our community will never be at a standstill and with the introduction of the new Mobile Medical Unit, neither will Career Care Institute. For a community that’s on the move, Career Care Institute is right there with you!